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Gteetings!Polycom and Tandberg video session disconnected after 2 hours and after reconnection it works fine during next 2 hours. please help me to fix this problemI read a lot of posts about timeouts but it doesnt help. I have ASA 5510 sec. plus lic...

icenterhq by Level 1
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Resolved! ASA firewall issue

HiI have configured remote access VPN with local pool in ASA firewall however im accessing all the resources(my private network such as servers ) through asa firewall after getting connected the VPN but i cant the mailing server through webmail(ports...

Hi,My network infrastructure as simple as following:LAN(edge switches 3560).......>Aggregator switch(3750)........>Firewall(ASA 5510)........>Router.......>InternetI define 3 wireless VLANs with 3 SSIDs on the Aggregator switch(3750):1. one SSID for ...

This is really getting annoying. I have an ASA 5510 with SSM-10, and I'm trying to use the IDM. I'm running Windows XP SP3 with 1 gig of RAM. When I try to load the IDM, I get the error message:"Your current Java memory heap size is less than 256 MB....

i have come across statements which involve communication issues passing via ASA/PIX being resolved after translation was cleared.same has been read for some routers also. I have an understanding that translations are usually cleared before we do a n...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi allI'm having some trouble setting up an active ftp session from inside to outside.I've read the other topics on the forums, but i can't figure it out myself.I created some acl's and port forwards, i also configured the inspect FTP in the global p...

On the IPS 4260-k9 under the server settings the url is the default but there is a section that states Username and Password. I put my CCO id information in this location. And when I go to the url that is in there it brings me to a page tha...

Hello Guys,S.O.S....Right  now, every one can go to ASA FW via browser (ip address specified on my  outside interface) and connect, download certificates and AnyConnect  client with assigned uname and password.What i am trying to do is:Configure  my ...

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