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We have ASA 5520's with AIP SSM-10 IPS mods. When I deployed them, the throughput was somewhat less when the IPS was ininline mode, but nowhere near 90% less. I was just performing some more test and the throughput is horrific. We have 100 M internet...

mmcae by Level 1
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Resolved! allow FTP site

Noob here. I want to allow an ftp site for our users. I know how to do it via ASDM but have been wanting to use CLI.Looked online but haven't been able to find what i'm looking for.

1salvarez by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! http traffic issue

Hi,I wonder whether somebody can help.we have internal webserver which helds some information which try to access from our external website when I try to access it from outside of our network I can connect it without ...

patrifick by Level 1
  • 10 replies
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I have a client who wants to make changes to a PIX 501.  They have a single server exposed to the world and want to have specific traffic sent to it.  I was going to set up static NAT for the server and then create a simple ACL to allow the ports the...

qbakies11 by Level 1
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I have enabled default http inspection in a ASA Firewallinspect httpIs it doing anything? or does it need an inspection map?It inspects packets but doesn't drop anythingResult of the command: "sh service-poli global inspect http"Global policy:   Serv...

jmprats by Level 4
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Is anyone else annoyed with the changes in 8.3 nat configuration? Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. In the past, something like this would just be two lines:object network obj- host network obj- host 1...

Greetings,We have a web server on our inside network behind our ASA that's "talking" to itself from it's internal IP to it's NAT IP:1: 14:09:02.316344 > S 818099150:818099150(0) win 8192 <mss 1460,nop,wscale 8,nop,nop,s...

iholdings by Level 1
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on our ASA5510 Firewall cluster we are currently at ios version 821-k8.bin.We need to upgrade to fix a security vulnerability.Ive read there are alot of changes going from 8.2.1 to 8.3.2Is there any recommendation on the best ios to use?

jschweng by Level 1
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