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Flexconfig not working

Hi,we have ISP1 and ISP2. There is metric 1 for ISP1 and metric 2 for ISP2. both ISP are in separate zone. when i create flexconfig for specific souce with ISP2 which is not working and still hitting ISP1 only.\ i have configured below flexconfig.1. ...

Vishnu_RR by Beginner
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ASA 5506W WLAN image issue

The WLAN on my ASA 5506w just stopped working, when i look into it, it says bad mzip file, uncompressed to wrong length and will not load the image. Also i cannot get the AP module online to tftp a new image to it. Is there anyway to salvage this dev...

by Not applicable
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ASA-5506W WiFi blinking red

Upon boot the LED indicator for WiFi on this ASA-5506W cycles through blinking green to blinking red. The documentation says it means "Ethernet link not operational". Since this is a hardware addon, I assume ethernet link is hard wired inside. To mak...

Resolved! Firepower Sensor Upgrade from FMC

Hello   Current SFR version on ASA is : 6.2.2-81 Our FMC version is :   I am trying to push Sensor update ( from FMC to ASA Firepower Sensor, it says   "No valid appliances available for Cisco Network Sensor Patch This u...

Cisco Prime with other vendor firewall

My project is to connect a firewall WAN interface to Cisco Prime, I should keep tracking the interface utilization on my firewall until it reaches a specific bandwidth. when for example the bandwidth reaches 30 Mb, I want to receive a notification or...

Karvel by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA NAT Configuration

Hi all,  I have an ASA 5525x with PC-A on the INSIDE network with IP address  PC-B is in DMZ with an IP address of  The security level for INSIDE is 100 and DMZ is 50. I have rules to allow PC-A to communicate with PC-B over...


Resolved! FMC/FTD

HiWe have FMC 100 and FTD 2130, when I do a packet tracer on the device its saying traffic is allowed but I cant find the ACL on the ACP that would allow this traffic, its almost as though there is an hidden ACL which is allowing certain traffic whic...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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