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I have a question regarding the ASA is that there are two versions ASA5510-k8 but I want to know which is correct as I need the one with a power supply as in this photo, AC or DC is the question?regards

iec1128759 by Beginner
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I am in the process to migrate our aging data center ASA 5585 to Firepower 4115 running FTD, our current ASA 5585 is the L3 default gateway of a number of data center networks (50+) for both north-south and east-west firewalling, so I need to use VLA...

a12288 by Participant
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Greetings Cisco Community, This is my first time posting here, I appreciate any feedback you can provide on my issue. I have a quick question regarding how SourceFIRE licenses are installed/handled. This is my first time deploying Firepower Services ...

License-Error.png url-filter_license.png license_status-from-asdm.png license_status-from-fmc.png

Hi all, I'm having an issue with my virtual FTDv(new, not in the production), 1) One of my FTDv having an issue with the outside interface, GigabitEthernet0/0outside Routed11.1.1.5 Static EnabledThe int link state is down and the warning sign is on, ...

san ju. by Beginner
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Hi Team, We are currently planning to replace Cisco ASA 5506-x to Firepower 1000 series FTD device in our network. In 5506-x we have configuration for NTP servers as below: NTP authentication-key 1 md5 XXXXXXXXNTP trusted-key 1NTP server ke...

Hello!  I have a client with an ASA 5506 and next week they have an employee taking their IP phone home to setup working from home. As far as I know right now, till we get more info on the home network, it's DHCP for the public IP, not static.  I nee...

cknowlton by Beginner
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