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routing between firewalls

I have a couple of ASA's on the same network, one pointing to the internet and a second pointing to other networks. The problem i have is if i use the internet ASA as the default gateway i cannot communicate with the other networks through the secon...

PIX failover license

Hi,I have a situation with 2 PIX 525 running PIX OS 6.3(3) int Active/standby mode. The Primary has UR license, while the secondary FO license.The Primary is failing and the failover has taken over. I have 2 questions:- How can the license be moved t...

kbelian by Beginner
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NAT host after VPN Termination

We have a site to site VPN which works perfectly ok. The host IP on our end is\32 which our vendor is accessing over the VPN tunnel.. no issues there.Recently we had to modify the IP address of the host to\32 and instead ...

ronshuster by Beginner
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Resolved! ASDM not loading after giving error

Hello ,i have 6513 switch with FWSM, i was a able to manage FWSM through the ASDM , then after doing some changes (adding log to the access-list)on the ASDM and then apply the changes, it gave an error that it is unable to submit changes . After that...

Quick syslog question ASA 5500/8.04

Is there a way to get, from the syslog messages, which ACE of an ACL triggered a deny?frex, I have an object, Blocked_addresses, which contains 30 addresses. This is used in a deny in an ACL. This element of the ACL shows a bunch of hits, but no de...

ASA 5510 high memory usage

Hello All,I have noticed for 2 weeks that I have an 85-89 % usage in my ASA 5510.I have checked teh logs and nothing odd..the number of concurent connections ar about 500-600.What can I do to decrese teh memnory usage?ThxVlad

hunnetvl01 by Beginner
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Pix routing to internal networks

Hello I have a PIX 515E on 6.3(4) version with internal network This is connected to switch and workstations on the switch with GW also have another internet network 172.24.10.x which is connected via the main switch to...

sarat1317 by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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