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We are getting people attempting a dictionary attack on one of our ftp servers. We have a ASA with a SSM module protecting the edge. When the attempt this attack, they trigger signature 6250 'FTP Authorization Failure' alerts. I would like to set up ...

Hi anybody, I have a new Cisco ASA5520, and no have any configuration (only management interface is configured). But when power on, it heats and the fan accelerates. What can be the problem? Can I verify the temperature of the appliance? The cpu load...

Hi,I have a situation. I have a scenario that a inside host network is reached by url, but the internal dns dosen't resolve this name and it trys resolve with ip public registred on internet.I understood that I need to use the DNS KEYWOR...

I have ASA 5510. I am letting my outside customers on FTP on my server (port range 49152 65535)Is it possible to limit the number of connections from one particular source address (My customer).Thanks,Manny

raimj by Level 1
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Hello sir,i have ASA 5540 and i want to upgrade IOS from pix 7.0 to 8.0 .How its do and tell me what is requrement if there any requriement for i got pix ios 8.0.and there is any asdm new version. i m using 5.1 version.if there any ve...

we have configured IPSEC Remote VPN on ASA 5510. Remote client is able to successfully authenticate and establish a tunnel , however user will not be able to ping any inside Hosts . As troubleshooting measure , i did enable ICMp trace 255 , i see th...

ciscosom by Level 1
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Hi,To my understanding ASA 5505 can be configured as a VPN client. (Authenticating with a username/password from authenticating VPN Server)When you put a device (a PC for example), behind the ASA5505(VPN Client), these devices are able to access res...

fredj1234 by Level 1
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