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ASAv and Juniper vSRX

Hello all,I need some assistance trying to get a tunnel to work. from the debug I see my IPSec proposals are not matching. this is a lab setup. ASA has only 2 interfaces configured with INSIDE/outside and there is only 1 tunnel. transform set options...

Re: ERROR: Malformed pbkdf2 hash

 I am trying to configure ASA with pbkdf2  encryption algorithm type for both username password and enable password.username <username> password <password> pbkdf2 privilage 15ERROR: Malformed pbkdf2 hashenable password <password> pbkdf2PBKDF2 hashed ...

Traffic dropped by FTD SSL preprocessor

I have a FTD 1150 running v7.2 and managed by the FMCv. After the upgrade, I found the "SaaS" SNMPv3 monitoring can not reach internal devices through the FTD. From the packet tracer, it shows the traffic is "blacklisted by the SSL preprocessor"...Sc...

Screenshot 2022-07-13 180213.png
m1xed0s by Contributor
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Resolved! Intrusion Rules in Cisco FMC

I have configured around 300 rules in FMC.. a recent requirement is to apply an IPS Policy to all the there a way an Intrusion Policy can be applied all at once to an entire ACL ? its really inconvenient to edit 300 rules and apply an IPS P...

EP not getting the same VPN Gateway after restart

We are using one test gateway (VPN-12345) for test purposes before changes are applied within the production environment.All getaways except VPN-12345 are production gateways.In the VPN-12345 we are testing the VPN Management Tunnel, which is availab...

Amen by Beginner
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Resolved! Need Command to view the object-group of an IP address

Hi Friends, Help me with the below question. 1.   Is there any show commands in ASA to find the object-group of an IP address.2.  Or Suggest some possible ways to find an object-group of an IP address.Because if try                   "" sh run | in 1...

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