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Resolved! add route problem in ASA ver 7.2

Hi Dear All :my case is verey simple but it is dos not work , well I have an ASA5520 connected to two windows ISA2004 servers the inside interface of asa and the two interfaces of ISA2004 all are in the same subnet and all ping each autherthe problem...

Split tunnel

HiI have configured split tunnel pix version 6.3when I am upgrade version 6.3 to 7.0.2 then all is work except spilt previous configure has extended acl.7.0.2 not work extended acl ?can any one suggation what is problem.ThnaksBiplob

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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I have made an ASA5505 to run an SSL WebVPN with self installing AnyConnect VPN Client. When I connect a client to the VPN I can see in the log that the asa box Teardown ane connection the client tries to make.Fx. "Teardown ÚDP connection 7497 for O...

ASA command Authorization

Hi, does anyone have some experiance with the ASA and command authorization using a TACACS+ server?I'm using Cisco ACS 3.3 and ASA5505 with software verson 8.03.Login authentication for telnet or ssh using tacacs+ works without problems but enable mo...

rdelhaes by Beginner
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Can anyone send me a latest PDF document of ASA FW in which diagram also included so that I could undertand security appliance in better way.

ray_stone by Beginner
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Hi, If me make an access rule to access the Inside machines from DMZ machine and use IP protocol and after checking all machines of DMZ and Inside zone are being communicate with each other but issue is coming in IIS Application which is configured i...

ray_stone by Beginner
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Resolved! Replace the Existing PIX with ASA

Basically our client has 2 PIX configured as Active/Standby, they decided to replace the devices with ASA. I found out that the existing PIX has 6 interfaces; 1 in, 1 out, 3 DMZs and 1 FO. The ASA that my company supplied was 5520s with just 4GE inte...

Pix 501 Road Warrior config...

I am trying to setup a PIX 501 so that remote users can dial in to access then network. I used a sample config to create my current config and would like anyone to point out errors or make suggestions. I have attached my config. I would appreciate...

ccosper08 by Beginner
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Timed ACLs on ASA

I have ASA5520 and want to restrict user access to server farm at specific times. Does ASA support timed acl's? Is there a link out there for these type acl's?

tsrader by Beginner
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Server in DMZ

Hi I am a beginner of ASA (8.0). I setup a ASA for device upgrade. I want to set up servers in DMZ. Unfortunately, I found that I can't access Server (in DMZ) from inside interface, for example, web access or ping test I am checking it for long time...

logintck by Beginner
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Resolved! Tuning signature

Can someone help on how I can tune signature 2000 and 2004 to allow my monitoring PC to send ICMP to the target IP addresses. Whenever I enable these signatures my monitoring screen goes red.Help fast pls.

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