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Hi All,Need some assistance in ASA 5540 with OS 7.2 as a DHCP Server.I have created subinterfaces on the firewall. I want the firewall to act as a DHCP Server which assigns different ip addressess to different vlan (Voice, Video & Data). Is this poss...

Have two lans, connected over vpn tunnel. Inside is and 2.0, connected and NAT exempt - all is fine.Want to add dns services in both ends, however due to the NAT exempt, dns replies are not dns-rewritten for the "other" net.In more detail:...

I have a question maybe someone can answer:Currently a PIX running 6.3(5) will work with Microsoft NLB running in unicast mode because it won't reject arp entries that are multicast ethernet with a unicast ip entry. All flavors of cisco routers I kn...

ggonsoulin by Beginner
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Hi,I am working on closing some any/any traffic through our fw, but I have a doubt regarding the syslog message. What is the meaning of the "NP Identity" shown below?Dec 26 07:14:28 [] FWNAME %ASA-6-302015: Built outbound UDP conne...

Hi,Please let me know if there is any rule where in the number of users subjected to NAC can be estimated, like capacity level for the NAC applaince.Appreciate your comments.Regards,Amol.

rush2amol by Beginner
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Hello all,I am trying to install a new ASA appliance in the position of a PIX 515E. Everything is the same but I have decided to configure all DMZs in the same Gigabit interface via VLANs.The problem is that when everything is connected, i have no pr...

Hello, we have several CAS applainces some running in-band and some are running out-of-band with 2 CAMs running in a failover pair. My question is if we were to have a failure of some sort with the entire NAC infrastructure and have to reach out to ...

johartman by Beginner
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Hi!My task is to measure the amount of current connections on ASA. I.e. I need to see output of "sh conn" for the period of time. I know that MARS can show "total new connections" (through the syslog messages like "built ... teardown connection") but...

uralsib by Beginner
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Hi,I want my ASA be the DNS server of my PC. So i configure that on my PC, And on the ASA, I enable DNS lookup on inside interface, and I indicate the IP adress of my ISP to the ASA. I want The ASA forward DNS requast to the ISP DNS. But It doessn't ...

p.pegouret by Beginner
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I can ping internally no problem, I cannot get a ping (echo-reply?) from anywhere outside. If I ping a URL I get a DNS notice with the IP but no replys. I suspect it's a nating issue but can't figure it out.Here's the config.. don't laugh it's a mes...

rmaxson2 by Beginner
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