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Urgent help needed, ASA 5516x not responding

there is a bug that makes my company's ASA 5516x suddenly stop responding, its powered on and lights going off and on like its operational but nothing is responding no data going through, no access ssh nor console is working (its like your PC on and ...

adel85 by Beginner
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Firepower URL / APP filtering

Hi,Has anyone had any issues with these rules allowing traffic they shouldn't be ?  We've had this twice that we know of.  The first time around someone added a rule that wasn't specific enough and didn't enable logging so there were lessons learned ...

ASA Captive Portal Certificate

My users are not very PC savy so when Firepower redirects them to the captive portal, sometimes they do not click continue to proceed to the portal (since its a untrusted https site), so i want to apply a internal trusted cert to it so it takes them ...

JRDIAZ758 by Beginner
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IP Source Guard & Multiple Routers

Greetings!I am currently working on securing a small business network. We have 2 RV340 routers connected together. Router 1 (R1) is connected to the modem and Router 2 (R2) is connected to R1's LAN port from R2's WAN port. The intent is to have R1 co...

Problem with PPPOE link on ASA 5506-X

Hello folks,we have 20+ branches for one of our customers connected to our DC via L2L IPSEC tunnels. one of their newly open branches was installed with ASA 5506-X as FW with two internet connection links. I have configured  PPPOE  for one of interne...

Mike_83 by Beginner
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Resolved! Firepower 1150 & Smart Licenses "Firepower 1000 ASA Standard & Anyconnect Apex License)

Hi Team, Our customer has acquired 425 licenses from Anyconnect, but after synchronizing the Firepower with the Smart License it is not reflected on the Cisco website. flowerpower# sh licen all Smart Licensing Status====================== Smart Licen...

jmhalegre by Beginner
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