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Dear Community, I want to implement IPS on some ACP rules but had a few questions before doing so: 1) The documentation states the following regarding the Network Analysis Policy: "By default, the system-provided Balanced Security and Connectivity ne...

I have 2 firewalls, one functions fine, the other hangs when typing some commands that could contain hostnames.   Here are the 2x configs for DNS.   FAST ASA:   ASA-A# show run dns dns domain-lookup outside DNS server-group DefaultDNS name-server...

RyanB by Level 1
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Hello, When managing a FPR4115 with multitennancy how does the FMC license count work.  Is it: a. 2 licenses for the two FWs in the HA setup b. 14 licenses for the 7 instances per FW each I can´t find a license count doc the describes this.  Thanks B...

When I attempt to ping my DC’s FQDN from my Firepower 1140 it resolves to an external IP address owned by Google.When I attempt to ping my DC’s FQDN from a client it resolves to the correct inside IP address.The FQDN form my DC is registered the IP a...

ATCUSN by Level 1
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We have a standalone ASA 5508-X running FTD 6.2 that we want to upgrade to 6.6. I don't have problems upgrading ASA firmware or FTDs through FMC or CDO, but I've been searching through documentation to upgrade to a later FTD version for an hour, and ...

Hey all, I'm having some issues viewing any Netflow connections being sent to an FTD and think something got broken in 6.6.  I have a single Passive port on a FP2110 in my "Netflow" zone connected to an ISR4331.  That ISR is sending Netflow data with...

ebng by Level 1
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We have an ASAv configured in AWS.  It keeps crashing periodically and I'm trying to determine the cause. Version: Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.6(4) I've attached the "show crashinfo" output. Can somebody please assist?

IQNetAdmin by Level 1
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If Switches flood arp requests on the entire network , then if we keep pinging an invalid ip address which is supposed to be on the network , then arp frames will be flooded all over the network. Which can cause a DDOS.Why does this occur and how do ...

Dear Team,Software Version-ASA 5516X-9.9-FTD(2140)-6.6-FMC-6.6-Migration Tool:2.3.5Could you please help me out on below queries ?-is SSL VPN or AnyConnect VPN is supported during Migration from ASA to FTD-is SSL VPN's Object, NAT, ACL,certificates m...

Hello! I have upgraded ASA 5516 running as FTD from 6.6.1 to 6.6.4. And after the first boot from 6.6.4 the task failed for Telemetry Job. I found here "An object for sendin...