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Here's the info:I have a wireless network that has 30 laptops. They get their IP address via DHCP from the VPN Server (Win2k). VPN box has two nicsExternal 192.168.101.xInternal 192.168.100.xPIXExternal: 192.168.101.xInternal: 192.168.100.xCorp ...

raygibson by Level 1
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on my two DMZ i am setting up. the line is up but the protocol is down. I can not figure out how to get it up. This is a new setup. one is staight to a server and the other to 6509 switch. Any help would be very nice. My head is going to go boom.Jaso...

Main Goal: To have a PIX 501 get a CA from MS CA server.. How does PIX or a router get a CA from the MS certificateserver? I understand the lines of code you have to type in on a PIX / routeri.e.path to get to the CA server but How does t...

rgrcommo by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,I have a problem that i need to solve. We have a 525 running version 6.11. We are trying to configure a very tight set of outgoing rules (incoming are tighter :)). Basically we have a NFS client on the inside interface and a NFS server o...

davecs by Level 1
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Plugged the following commands into my PIX 515 FW:static (inside,outside) tcp pop3 netmask 0 0static (inside,outside) tcp smtp netmask 0 0static (inside,outside) tcp ...

bumbarger by Level 1
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I have a PIX 515. I installed it. right now it doesn't allow me to go out to the internet and does not allow me to read my e-mail.I connected like this: Router --- FireWall--- hub---terminalsPlease give an idea of the problem.thanks

pdone by Level 1
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Hi. Looking to nat DNS messages flowing across a PIX.Seen the "alias" command, but this seems to be for DNS servers on the outside only: (ie. DNS reply is NATed on a transition from a Low -> High interface)whereas I have a DNS server on the inside, w...

dcrabbe by Level 1
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Hi, I have a setup where a PIX is installed between router and call manager. The router is connected to PSTN. But when I make a call from outside to inside only one way traffic is there, ie I can here voice from ip phone but not the other way. I t...

Hidoes PIX can only source static NAT or destination static too. Situation is that costumer networks use the same subnets which should translated like on routers with inside local-global and outside local-global to hide the real addresses of both sid...

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