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Hi All,After configuring both the router and firewall for LAN internet access the LAN computers was able to ping, and from their systems but was unable to load any page from the browser on the same system. I cannot pin...

ladilayo by Level 1
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Hi all,I've recenly reimaged asa 5506x to FTD, activated evaluation licences (all possible) and configured for my home purposes. Initially I had idea to enable Security inteligence option for network and URL .... as a reosult of this I lo...

slv_slv by Level 1
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I have a used ASA 5506-X that I use for CCNP learning. Unfortunately, it suddenly stopped working this week. Upon being plugged in, the status light flashes amber endlessly. There is no console output, either.I have not made any configuration changes...

Cadeyrn by Level 1
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 File: asa9-14-2-lfbff-k8.SPA File system not supportedAttempt autoboot: "boot disk0:"File system not supportedboot: cannot determine first file name on device "disk0:"autoboot: All boot attempts have failed.autoboot: Restarting the system.  

Hi CommunityI have been trying converter Cisco ASA 5516x to image FirePower 2210Hardware: ASA5516, 8192 MB RAM, CPU Atom C2000 series 2416 MHz, 1 CPU (8 cores)BIOS Flash M25P64 @ 0xfed01000, 16384KB I followed the step but I received message that I d...

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