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The PIX is working fine. People can go through the web thru the PIX w/o any problems, but is it possible to make the PIX behave like a router where it would route the traffic to another device if the packets are not destined to the route...

usderit by Level 1
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Hi, where can I find information to write my own 'Websense' type server. I need things like ports numbers, what requests to expect from the PIX and how to answer them (allow/reject). Any help much appriciated. If I had a Websense server I could just ...

a.aitken by Level 1
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I have a PIX 515 version 4.4(1). Recently, I have been having a problem where either a host is unable to establish a outbound connection through the firewall or certain protocols for host computers cannot go out through the firewall. To resolve the p...

I've setup a PIX 515UR as follows:Internet--Proxy--Hub---PIX515UR---HUB---Host.I can't ping from the host to the Proxy. I also can't ping from the Proxy to the host. I believe I've correctly set the access-lists and access-groups according to the d...

I have a PIX 515UR,It connect to Cisco 677 ADSL Router directly.Now,I setup using PIX outside interface's ip address as PAT.It's working fine except FTP.I connect to Internet's FTP Site,it cause timeout.And if I change not use PIX outside interface's...

junsheng by Level 1
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My name is Oliver Aleksovski and my company Makpetrol-Skopje, Macedonia) is CISCO resseler for now, but we have plans to become better partner. Now, here is our problem at one of our custommers: We already have CISCO 1720, with 1 serial connection to...

Hello,I have a Cisco PIX-520 that I would like to start over. My question is then, how do you go about resetting the configuration that already exist.

vtran by Level 1
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I have had two 515 firewalls (bought one and then had to have another rma'ed to me) and they both have done the same thing, locked up so much that you can't even console into them. But the thing is, according to Cisco's site on how they are taking in...

wraights by Level 1
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We have some internal links which have recently become part of an external organisation. I would like to connect them onto one of the interfaces on our PIX515, just one problem we have IPX/SPX running on the link. What normally happens in this situat...

I have a 3600 router on one side of a Pix firewall, tring to send the syslog file to a sensor on the other side of the firewall. The sensor is on a network that is unroutable and needs a spoof address on the Pix.I can see the router logging access li...

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