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I am running the pix 506 with windows nt 4.0 and the vpn client. I have 10 outside users that need to login to the server through the pix. Right now they access the network through their internet connection. Then after they connect to there interenet...

Hi,I need help for designing a pix with 3 outside networks.the perimeter has got 3 official first idea was to take 3 interfaces and connect them to the perimeter.But I don't think that cspm will be able to manage such a t...

rgraether by Level 1
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We have msexchange and a proxy server.The server has one NIC connected to the internet with a valid address .proxy client is installed on the xchnage server which receives/sends mails via the proxy server .Our Mx record is pointing to the proxy.I hav...

s-ariga by Level 1
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I have 5 web servers on the dmz. Each server will only communicate with one other server. Will not communicate with all servers. If I reset the PIX and the servers...same thing happens...but, may not be the same (1) server that they hit each time.....

cbguest by Level 1
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I am bringing in 3 T1;s from my current ISP, on 2 different routers. 2 T's on a 3640 and 1 T on a 2620. I have my outside routes set up as follows:outside (IP of 3640) 1 OTHER staticoutside (IP of 2620) 2 OTHER stati...

bblaze1 by Level 1
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I have a question possibly someone can help with. I am trying to allow access to a novell BM server to act as a SMTP proxy as well as a Web Proxy Server and I can't get Full connectivity to the DMZ eventhough I sue a static Conduit combo such as this...

Currently running 5.2 on both our 515's - Is it advisable to upgrade to 6?Licensed Features:Failover: EnabledVPN-DES: EnabledMaximum Interfaces: 6Cut-through Proxy: EnabledGuards: EnabledWebsense: EnabledThroughput...

mbellears by Level 1
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I have a site to site VPN using PIXs at both sites. When I do a sh crypto isakmp sa I do not see the tunnel established. I do see traffic being encrypted between the two peers both with debug packet and sh crypto ipsec sa. I have done numerous ins...

m-raft by Level 1
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Can anyone have a free PIX training CD from Cisco?I tried to get this one, but Cisco says no more in stock. I wish I have that address for my home address is by Level 1
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