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Hi All, I have a scenario. We have a VOIP server. VoIP is only accessible publicly for specific ips. i have users sitting on remote location.When they connect with vpn they can configure their soft phones with VOIP private ip but they cannot configur...

Dear community,  I have installed Cisco Firepower 2010 installed, and I manage it via FMC. I have setup the policies and traffic is all working ok without SSL decryption policy. However when I enable SSL decryption policy, my text messages do not go ...

Hi , Here is a LAN device, but I have not opened the  port 6015  port on this machine <166>Jan 22 2021 08:59:44: %ASA-6-302015: Built outbound UDP connection 1717941741 for Outside: ( to Inside:

Hi I have 2 Cisco Firepower 2110 Threat Defense v6.6.1In HA mode I'v searched a lot but haven't found clear answer. Question is:What interface does not change ip address when failover occur ? That is:primary active / secondary standbyprimary standby ...

Hello guys, We have ASA-5555-X with sourcepower which is mnaged by FMC. If we create ACL in fmc and deploy, won't it be shown in ASA Cli? But, we can not see there. Also have applied the 'sfr_direct permit ip any any' statement to redirect traffic. I...

King_1988 by Level 1
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I am cleaning up my policy rules and wondering if an asterisk can be used in an ACP? I have read this post but it is from several years ago and not sure if it is still an issue:

ryan14 by Level 1
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We upgraded our FMC to 6.6.1 from last evening.Everything is working, but we have a warning in Health Monitor: User Agent has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. how do i clear this up so I don't have a warning on my syst...

Lee Dress by Level 1
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