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Hello, A security question pop up in my mind and I want an advice in this way. I made the ACL for intranet that I use, I want to know where is the best place to put the ACL and in which way, and why? What other advice to you have for my, what other t...

Hello,I'm looking for opportunity to upgrade my Cisco ASA 5520 Version 8.2(4) to 9.4 min. in order to get support for Policy Based Routing. Unfortunately I can't find any images for this age-old hardware. Can anyone indicate where to download the ima...

Dave2020 by Level 1
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Hi Experts, I was able to make EIGRP work via Flexconfig, further, can somebody help on how to do this: interface GigabitEthernet1/1ip authentication mode eigrp 10 md5ip authentication key-chain eigrp 10 keychain1key chain keychain1key 1key-string 09...

Eduard A. by Level 1
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Hello,A client of mine is asking me a tricky question. On ASA, is it possible to do some flow filtering based on user groups, with user information located in a Microsoft Graph? In other word, can ASA trigger an API call to an external service to do ...

Here are the release notes for those of you who have been waiting for the many features in this new release: It is availab...

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