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i have an older ASA5525 (non-X) with 8MB RAM, and just 2 interfaces working as a small DMZ for a few dozen devices.   one thing that has been bothering me for some time is when almost nothing happening -- and a single host on the other side of the FW...

rikdrt1 by Beginner
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Hello experts,I want to disable RRI for each SSL VPN user, being advertised by EIGRP. The reason is that the subnet is already advertised and I don't see the reason for continuous EIGRP Updates, and of needlessly polluting Routing Table of routers in...

AlexFer by Beginner
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I'll try to keep a simple as possible - HO has the ability to go through 2 different ISP, ISP1 original and ISP2 new -  HO was recently moved over to ISP2, only HO goes through ISP2 - all other location go through ISP1 over MPLS. Problem, one of the ...

mrochac by Beginner
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Hi Guys - I'm wondering how others out there are addressing remote offices/users with asa 5505's at the location and offering DHCP locally from the asa itself instead of across the vpn tunnel.  I am trying to set DHCP Reservations by MAC Address for ...

I just configured ASA 5510 and we can access the internet. However, I can't ping any outside IP address for example For a troubleshooting, I test ping from ASA without any issues. But can't ping inside/LAN IP from the ASA. I assume i...

blin by Beginner
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Hey everyone, I have an Cisco ASA 5516-X Network Security/Firewall Appliance Firepower Services Model ASA5516-FPWR-K9.  Would you recommend using this to route traffic or just to inspect? If you use it to route, could you give me an example of comman...


Hello all, I am struggling to connect my home pc to GNS3, for example, i cannot connect ASA to one of my local loopback interfaces to access the ASA GUI.can any one try to help me please it has been driving me crazy, i tried all sort of videos that p...

star1 by Beginner
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