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Hi ASA Experts, I have two ASA 5516-x working with a transparent failover mode. Both Asa can work well. I have setup the local management port IP and sfr module's IP in the same subnet. Both sides Ping are successful. But I cannot find the sfr module...

Resolved! FTD and Management

I need a few clarifications a) I need to provide two Cisco Firepower 2100 Series in a HA par to customer and customer already has Firesight at his data center. I need to demonstrate this two firewalls first at my place without Firesight. Is it possib...

avilt by Participant
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I was trying to erase some bad test configs on my 5505 with a write erase, but all VLAN and Ethernet configs remained.  I hastily decided to do an erase flash.  No I'm stuck at a ROMMON prompt with no image found to boot I'm hoping I don't have to TF...

I noticed numerous amount of CLDAP traffic to one of my DC starting 3/17/20.   The device is a Firepower 1010 running FTD   The FTD has no open ports and only two NAT rules.  One rule for a site to site VPN and the other rule for devices fro...

CLDAP Traffic.png CLDAP Traffic from DC.png
dotran by Beginner
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Hi, I have a multi context ASA where in one of the context there are 7 subinterfaces... Due to a new business requirement 3 of those subinterfaces and related ACL has to be migrated to a FMC with new FTD Logical Device  Is there an automated way to m...

Secure_M10 by Beginner
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HiI have an ASA that's only being used for AnyConnect a few days ago, at random, the clients will lose their connection to the ASA. When I have been able to catch the drops, from the FW I'm no longer able to ping out to anything external. The only wa...

jf1134 by Beginner
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Hi everybody, We would like that the system sends an email always when a user log in through telnet or console ASDM, also if any user make any change in the config and save it.  Some mails are arriving correctly but we want.  The config is this: smtp...

SupportAC by Beginner
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Hello!I use AnyConnect  VPN Secure Mobility Client and ASA 5515 and faced with truble: only 10 or 20 people can establish VPN with this ASA and other people can't, they see error: "The vpn connection was terminated due to a loss of communication with...