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Firepower FTD Transparent Mode possible with tagged vlans? - 55xx vs. Appliance (Deployment Guides)

We are wondering,if it would be possible to use for example 5506x in transparent mode and connect it between two switches. Then it should control the ip traffic in all vlans. With Sophos UTM I know, this works (you even do not have to have IP address...

ASA5505 overruns growth

Hello community! I investigated problem with rapid overruns growth on inside interfaces on my ASA5505 and havent more ideas.  Interface Ethernet0/1 "", is up, line protocol is upHardware is 88E6095, BW 100 Mbps, DLY 100 usecAuto-Duplex(Full-duplex), ...

atomaster by Beginner
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Size Cisco ASA 5500X

Hi Everyone, Can anyone help with sizing the Cisco ASA 5500X? Total number of user will be 150. Total ISP bandwidth will be 50Mbps.Services used will be - URL Filtering, Application Control, AMP, IPSEC, IPS/IDS. If anyone has sizing document, do shar...

disable aggressive mode

PCI scan came back that aggressive mode needs to be disabled on ASA. I am looking through forums and researching, I am seeing conflicting information on this. The command to disable aggressive mode is crypto ikev1 am-disable. But this is where it is ...

Isaac by Beginner
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IPS policy signature disabling technologies

Hello community,I have a simple problem using signatures updates in IPS policy. Each update bring new signatures obviously but also a lot of false positives for us. The idea is, I have alerts for "D-Link" signatures, I don't want to see anymore those...

rick11 by Beginner
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ASA 5505 slow internet

I have an old 5505 and recently upgraded my internet from 75 to 100mbps but am only getting about 65mbps up and down. I spoke to the ISP, Verizon, who had me test the speed with my laptop connected directly to the Verizon equipment and I was getting ...

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