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Dear community, I’m trying to use Cisco’s migration tool to migrate an ASA config to a FTD but I’m facing issues running it. Indeed, it tries to reach out cisco but it fails: 2023-12-28 14:35:21,125 [INFO    | common] > "proxies : {}" 2023-12-28 14:3...

uRLKuzE by Level 1
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Scenario - 3850 Fiber Distribution switch that feeds 5 locations.  Ports TE3/0/1-TE3/0/5 go to buildings 1-5.  Port TE3/0/12 is the uplink to the Core switch which then connects to my router.  This is a flat network topology with a subnet of 172.16.0...

MarkNode17 by Level 1
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I'm currently confused about the meaning of the different colors of LEDs on my device, specifically the interface LED, active LED, power LED, VPN LED, and standby LED. Could someone please help me understand their significance? If there are any docum...

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