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Monitoring ASDM ASA

Hello,On the asa, with ASDM, in the monitoring, I only see the requests in deny, I do not see the authorized ones.To debug a problem, I would like to be able to see all request, deny and allowed.#sh run logginglogging enablelogging timestampno loggin...

abtt-39 by Beginner
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Resolved! Configure external access

If I have a customer who co-locates on my network with a couple of servers and I configure a subnet, what's the best way to allow them access via teamviewer or similar just to their particular servers and no other devices on my network?So, it would l...

CliveG by Beginner
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Resolved! How to route VLANs on Firepower 1010

OK for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to route VLANs so that they have Internet access.  Whether I choose Access or Trunk, I simply cannot get it to work.  Online searches turned up absolutely nothing, not even the Cisco documentation could ...

EvanC75 by Beginner
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Resolved! Firepower stuck during install

Hi,I wanted to install asasfr-sys-7.0.4-55. on PID: ASA5516system install install process reached 77% and then got stucked. asasfr-sys-7.0.4-55 77%[+++++=========> ] 966.78M --.-KB/s eta 17m 58s I've then ...

ziqex by Enthusiast
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Snort2 Problems with FTD v7.0.1 and v7.1

Is anyone else having issues with v7.0.1 & Snort3 or Snort2  ? I'm posting this here as Cisco seem unable or unwilling to fix this issue. I upgraded 2 new HA Pairs of 2140's to v7.0.1 as the current Gold Star release with Snort3 enabled. 2 weeks into...

ida71 by Beginner
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Resolved! FMC problem on GEODB update

I am on FMC 7.0.4Geolocation update has problem with installing Update geolocation in updates panel and tasks show me installation was successful. but Running geolocation update version:  NoneT...

Internet Access through Remote Access VPN (AnyConnect) for clients not working

Hi, I am looking for some assistance with configuring/troubleshooting our Remote Access VPN settings in part of access Internet through VPN connection. We use Cisco 5516-x with Firepower Management Center.  We already configured two connection profil...

Resolved! Licensing for ASA with FTD Image

Hi. Converting some ASA 5500-X appliances to the consolidated FTD image and found plenty of resource for that. What I can't find is licensing/subscription info for ASA w/FTD image. What SKUs are associated with Threat Protection, AMP, URL, etc. for A...

shannong by Enthusiast
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