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Hi, I am trying to configure Dual ISP feature in ASA 5506-x, like the one which is available is ASA 5505 with two different outside interfaces. e.g. outside1 and outside2However, on ASA 5506-x every time when I configure NAT statement for the outside...

Jangchup by Beginner
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Hey Guys; Hopefully I can get some help here with this issue; as my head is spinning around in circles in trying to figure this out; long story short. My friend and I are doing a site 2 site vpn using a 1900 cisco router >>> Cisco Fw >>>> Vpn Net. I ...

Hi I have ASA 5525 i wanted to configure FTP server behind NAT. My IP address information is as follows outside public IP :- Inside LAN :- FTP Server:-   Regards,  

Hello,   I have a couple of web server in my network which accessible from outside also from inside, I am trying to force on vlan to access this servers from outside, but whenever the request from this vlan hit the FTD it resolve the egress interface...

muath1987 by Beginner
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hi, i got locked out on a new ASA 5555-X running in multiple mode when i applied AAA on the admin context. i tried to reboot the primary/active but got stuck troubleshooting the secondary standby. so i did a password recovery. but after issuing boot,...

Hi All, I have been running into an issue with setting up rules in FTD specifically involving URL Filtering.  If I create a rule set like below:   Seq | Source int | Dest int | Source Add | Destination Add | Port | URL Categories | Action   1        ...

cmlozano8 by Beginner
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Hello All. Looking for some help with a S2S VPN tunel. The Phase 1 is up but I am unable to pass traffic, cant seem to find the issue. Here are my configurations, any assistance would be helpful. Here is my spoke ASA 5505 config.ASA Version 8.2(5)!ho...

IrishMann by Beginner
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Hi All,  I am planing to replace our existing firewall and fortigate with CISCO 5525x, currently both are used only for internet trafficfirewall is just for security and the fortigate manages the user data usagewould like to know if it is possible to...

giridar by Beginner
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