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Hi,  cannot pass traffic through the ASA to web server. Packet tracer shows ACL drop even without an ACL configured. I can ssh and https to the ASA outside interface. My setup is1.2.3.4 - Outside ( Verizon action tech router) inside - ->19...

Mike- by Level 1
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I created a new VLAN and I can get a DHCP address and I can get to my internal network and to the internet.  What I can't connect to is my AZURE network (10.0.10.X).  The only thing I see in the firewall:I created this one:object network 3860-VLAN11 ...

dtsteinb by Level 1
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Hello,  i need a little help to get my configuration workingI have 3 ISP's which all land on one switchi have an asa5506x which needs to route each vlan to specific isp so the configuration should look something like this:external:isp1 (gw address 10...

J.Newman by Level 1
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Resolved! ahmed

Hi ASA 5508X  firepower  ciscoasa# show module---- -------------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------1 ASA 5508-X with FirePOWER services, 8GE, AC, ASA5508 JAD212407VLsfr FirePOWER Services Software Module ASA5508 JAD212407VL...

a.eldeeb by Level 1
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Hello   We ordered two new ASA firewalls and have them delivered. I received a Software License Claim Certificate that includes   Product Name : ASA5506 Control License Entitlement Quantity : 1   PAK : xxxxxxxxxxx PIN : xxxxxxxxx   When I power on my...

Hi everybody,   we are working on project implementation and found the syslog message from FirePOWER have some mismatch to the defined ACP's rules. Does anybody see this issue before? we are running v6.2.3 patch 4, thank you.   say for example.  A DN...

ray_lau by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I need assistance for some rules to permit a traffic over the firewall: Below is the example:1. Server (with public ip) shoud be able to reach and monitor another server behind our FW - on port 1232. Our server

ducvolp by Level 1
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Hello I have this problem, I am having an issue connecting by RDP to a Location connected by Site-to-Site VPN,   I have a Main Location A trying to RDP PCs on Location B and C that is connected by Site-to-Site VPN   I can Ping the Hosts on Both Locat...

Hello everyone. I have strange problem with ASA5525.   ADSM periodically asks for relogging on already authenticated session (user/password input window pops up). The behavior is completely random. Sometimes it happens within several minutes of inact...

Flanger23 by Level 1
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reference clock and show clock output doesn't match below is the ntp status , ntp association & show clockF1# sh ntp associationsaddress ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp*~X.X.X.X 3 882 1024 377 67.2 -5.74 17.3+~X.X.X.X 1...

I am configuring ASA 5506x FTD firewall using FDM as the customer don't have EXSI server environment to install FMC now. If I put the URL filtering and other treat defense licenses on FDM is it possible to put the same licenses on FMC when we install...

Taz_ by Level 1
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