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Hi folks.  My first attempt at configuring a ZBF on a 1117-4p ISR (I'm ccent studying for CCNA). Prior to the ZBF commands being added to the running-config I was getting internet access (albeit with no security).  Following this I get nothing - I ca...

rhbmcse by Beginner
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Hi guys,   I want to migrate current STATE and FAILOVER physical connections from using switches in between to direct cables. I read some design concerns and ack that tshoot event troublesome.   Now I have a dedicated Port-Channel for failover and an...

Hello    I'm testing out a new Cisco ASA 5508 x firewall and have everything work it appears apart from being able to access certain site via there FQDN. I can access these site via there ip addresses but no other way. I've attached a couple of scree...

Hello,   I need a NAT for the Institution website and created the following rule.     Checking the access LOG it gives me the following return and does not arrive at its destination in the IP inside.     Does anyone have any ideas ?    

Captura de tela de 2018-11-07 11-07-10.png Captura de tela de 2018-11-07 11-07-41.png

I have a Cisco ASA 5512-X and it is discarding any IPv6 packets on the ingress interface.  In particular I have an ISP (Comcast) who sends DHCPv6 advertisement and reply XIDs with a hop limit of 0.  I reported it to them, but they told me to pound sa...

jgenender by Beginner
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