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All,   Is there a way to see what percentage of my CPU is taken up by NAT?     Also is there any advantage to have my servers on private ip space and have then Natted?  I understand why you pat but why would you do a one to one nat on servers?

Hello Experts   I was doing the cleanup on Cisco ASA version 9.8, I found below weird nat statement and objects. I really appreciate if someone can explain below and let me know if I can delete them safely?   object network obj_any subnet ...

I am using ASA 9.8.4, moving from ASA 9.0, the command below doesn't work, seems protocol nt is removed: # aaa-server ActiveDirectory protocol nt                                                          ^ERROR: % Invalid input detected at '^' marker....

I am currently replacing an older 5512 transparent firewall with a 5516 asa, im currently only able to ping my router (10.92.60.x) and 1 server with (10.92.60.x) form the inside network to the outside network  which also happens to be in the same roo...

broadleon by Level 1
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Hello,   I am a bit confused about how to configure remote access for the FXOS. The doc below states to use a data interface and not the Management 1/1 interface to remotely access the FXOS. Does that mean I will need to configure a dedicated physica...

zekebashi by Level 4
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Hi Team,   In FMC, we are facing an issue with the Deployment Time. Even for a small change (Add a port in a allowed rule, Adding a Static Route) it is taking minimum 5 min. And it can go till 9 to 10 min. Running on the Latest version which is 6.2.3...

When moving ASA ACLs over to an FTD Device, where is the recommended placement of the ACL lines? This would be manual and not using any migration tool.   Is there any difference to using "pre-filter with fastpath / block / analyse" to using an ACP wi...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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We have ASA 5545-X firewall pair in LAN network, and found lots of packet dropped in each interface ( the following counters are reset every morning for investigation), as below: Interface GigabitEthernet1/0 "users", is up, line protocol is up  Hardw...

bensonlei by Level 1
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