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Is there a NSO tuning guide available online? I notice after cretaing a three hundred services, the system seems to slow down a lot during service creation. I check on the Openstack computes and all computes have enough resources. In fact, most of th...

alam.bilal by Cisco Employee
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Hi Team,1/ Under what conditions does a device move from the state oper-state "enabled" to " unknown" ?# show devices device my-device state state oper-state     unknow2/ Why device platform information disappears when the device changed to the oper-...

ysolan by Level 1
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Hi, I did run a ISR4321 with the latest IOSXE 16.5.1b and did enable Netconf as it is described in the DMI guide. ISR4321 shows up that Netconf is running: ISR4321#sh platform software yang-management processconfd            : Runningnesd            ...

rkuschel by Cisco Employee
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