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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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   I have a Cisco MDS9124(namely 9124a) connected to a brocade4Gb(which is located at the back of a IBM BladeCenter enclosure), both working properly. Now I want to add another MDS9124(namely 9124b) into this existing fabric, and connect this 9124b t...

Quick question, I setup an iSCSI evironment using a 3750E with 2 Tengig ports.  I connected the SAN to Te1/1/1 yesterday and all worked fine.  Today Te1/1/1 was down and wouldn't come up.  So I moved the SFP to Te1/1/2 and it came up without fail.Te1...

Resolved! GLC-LH-SM

Hi,I have two sites located approximately 5kms apart, they have 72 core SMOF connected between locations.I have a 6509 at the core and a 3650E at the remote, both have GLC-LH-SM SPFs.The interface at the 6509 is not connectedThe interface at the 3560...

Hello all. I have heard this term (fiber strands) used loosely. Is this referring to the actual pure glass on the middle of the fiber? In an example where you have fiber cable with LC connectors on both ends connecting two devices. Would that be equa...

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