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I have installed 2621 Router and 1MB of Lesed Line connected at Serial Interface of router, and router is configured for internet browsing and etc.Questions:1) How do I limit my serial bandwidth to 50% its running simply HDLC protocol.2) How do I con...

furquan by Level 1
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I am setting up CCNA lab, and I am lucky to have in my possesion a Catalyst 2948G with the most recent CatOS. I setup 4 vlan:Vlan1 port 1-12, 48-50vlan2 port 13-24vlan3 port 25-36vlan4 port 37-48I connect 4 Linksys switch via uplink port to port1, po...

Here's my best explanation of what I'm trying to get accomplished. We are a small isp with access points in 3 cities. each location is connected to internet by a T1 connection, each of the 3 locations has it's own serial interface IP. I recently acqu...

V0ltage by Level 1
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