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I have a 2948G L3 switch with the below stated firmware. ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(7)W5(15a) RELEASE SOFTWARE I have a Win 2000 DHCP server. We have 5 VLAN''s. My question: Why is that when I moved a PC from one VLAN to another VLAN, the IP...

Hello... I am trying to setup OSPF on a a few Cisco routers. Can someone please take a moment to see if it's right? Thanks in advance!Scenario:I have 3 point-to-point (full T1's) running between 3 locations. Router A, Router B, and Router C. Ro...

c.khanna by Beginner
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We were trying to add a fast ethernet to a 7204 and it doesn't seem to appear when doing sho ver. The tech installing it says the box indicates 7206 ?? can someone tell me if they are suppose to be compatible.

jcnelson by Beginner
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We have two sites which connect through ISDN.The connection is only allowed to be started from only one of them .Both routers ( cisco 3620 ) have been configured with dialers profiles.On each side a "dialer idle-timeout 300 either" has been put into ...

scolombo by Cisco Employee
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I ovserved packet sent by router on Solaris machine.I noticed strange packet sent from router.This packet is "TCP,Port=22,Rst".But I don't use SSL service on this router.This router use FW-IOS ver 12.1,and use service"CBAC" and "IDS",and other normal...

samieru by Beginner
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