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HiI ve been told that some IOS versions do not support the "radius server..." command, and to specify the server you have to use an different command.I can not find this documentet on the cco. Can anyone help me..?Best wishesMarius

mholmsen by Beginner
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I use a acl in my router to get violation information,IDS can work well,I canget any information I want in event view.(the acl number is 110)But,I set new acl in the same router on my vty line:access-list 10 permit 10 deny any...

c-fay by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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I am having an issue or brain fart. Not sure which. I am trying to NAT VNC traffic through a firewall. Looks like traffic goes in and not back out. I have a single class C public to a 10.x.x.x internal. I do get a match for ACL 111 It hits on tc...

knight by Beginner
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I am getting a large amounts of IP Fragment alerts from one ip address. I have identified this as a false positive and want to filter these events. I have gone into the filter tab on the IDSM and filtered alter 1003 Ip Fragmentation from the source...

wadeski by Beginner
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