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Hello guys,   Need help. I have a problem with my cisco 2960 IOS version. Its not booting. I am trying to boot using boot command but i have this error -  Error loading "flash:/c2960-lanlitek9-mz.122-55.SE7/c2960-lanlitek9-mz.122-55.SE               ...

deepfree1 by Level 1
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Hi All   We have just recently purchased 2 new Nexus 5672. There are not in production and have come installed with the following:   switch# sh ver Software BIOS: version 2.1.7 loader: version N/A kickstart: version 7.0(1)N1(1) system: version 7.0(1)...

dejian007 by Level 1
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We have a cisco 4331 router that will not allow us to enable and configure the WAAS service.We receive the following error after running through the “service waas enable”:“installation failure decision to exit”It appear to be failing because the rou...

Hello,   I have a project I have been given...I have two separate routers which will each be peering with a different ISP.  I have a registered ASN and IP address block that I will be advertising.  I would like to load share between the two ISP's. I ...

Hi All, I have having 90 Branch and 2 Hub Locations. Every branch is connected to using MPLS and Internet Transport. I am running DMVPN to connect all this Branches. I can see Dynamic tunnels are forming from MPLS and Internet. Now i want to stop Dyn...

Does anyone know how to create an inbound ipv6 filter access-list to allow return traffic?   I tried the following but that didn't work:   ipv6 access-list inbound permit tcp any any established deny ipv6 any any log-input   and the outbound is: ipv6...

I have to public subnet:   outside interface ip is: inside interface ip is:   I have NAT for two servers: <-> <-> 93.22.1...

AndreaFi by Level 1
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Hello everyone,   I am trying to make a bridge between the WAN and LAN ports of my C1111-4P ISR and got no connectivity. I've seen that this is possible in ISR4K with and SM-X module.   Does anyone know if this is possible on the ISR1K?   Thanks in a...

Hi everybody,   I'm trying to implement a solution to terminate customer pseudowire directly into Cisco ASR9k VRF using pseudowire headend technology,  Does anyone have an idea about the scalability of this feature on the ASR9K (MOD160-TR/SE Boards) ...

ridha1980 by Level 1
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Hi All,   I have a doubt regarding extended access list. We are writing the extended access-list by below format.   IP ACCESS-LIST (NAME OR NUMBER ) PERMIT IP HOST (SOURCE) HOST (DESTINATION)   But in the cisco document its mention as below   access-...

Hi, I have deployed IWAN solution with cisco 892FSP Branch routers (IOS version is 15.7(3)M1). I get the following error message :   May  8 2018 08:00:00.071 CEST: %MMA-3-CACHE_OVERFLOW: The number of flows has exceeded 95% of the configured size, mo...

Good morning,   I'm trying to configure an ASA cisco in my network.   I have a Juniper SRX100 router, configured as a bridge, then, directly connected I have the Cisco ASA and connected to the inside interface my switch Catalyst.   Connected to the ...

Echedey99 by Level 1
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Based from what I have searched, GRE is used to create a virtual link between routers and allow them to be directly connected, even if they physically aren’t.  "Suppose R1 and R2 are routers at two far ends of our company. They are connected to two c...

Rica Chan by Level 1
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Hello,I have formatted the flash and rebooted the router C891F . The PASSWORD RECOVERY FUNCTIONALITY IS DISABLED, so that I cannot press the reset button.   I have copied the valid on the usb and conneted it to the router but it was not working. i re...