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Command to Auto Calculate OSPF Path

Hello,Is there a command to auto calculate the OSPF path to a destination prefix from the originating router. I know you might say just check the cost in the routing table, but when I do that it doesn't give me a clear representation of load balanced...

btomisser by Beginner
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Resolved! Trouble with RIP routing

Hi,   For the last hours i've been trying to implement dynamic routing on my workspace and kept running into the same problem. I've created the routes, but for some reason they dont show up when i try the command "show ip route" and can't ping from o...

bandwidth limitation on 2951

Hi every one , i have 100 Mbps internet access and more than 5 subnets , i want to divide bandwidth between subnets or for each ip in subnet, i have 2951 cisco router , can any one provide me with the method of bandwidth limitation . with regards

Resolved! Router Certificate Question

HiHow do I renew Router Cert do I have to go through the full Enrollment process again and define the trustpointor is there a command to renew the cert as the trustpoint already configured.?? Thanks

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Multilayer Switches and Routers in the same Network

Hi,I'm currently building a network and I'm not used to a design with Multilayer-Switches and Routers together in one network. My default interfaces for the vlans all reside on the two Multilayer-Switches made redundant with HSRP. Now I want the netw...

ocm4r by Beginner
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Help understanding a COS policy

Hi, in some of the router of our network we have a policy that should guarantee that traffic marked with a certain CoS Value has a CIR of 80% and a PIR of 100%. Looking at the policy however, I cannot see how it can do that, people have assured me it...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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Resolved! VLAN Bridging across multiple sites

I have 4 sites as seen above. Each site has the same VLANs A,B,C and D. I would like to bridge these vlans across all sites so that each of the VLANs appear as a single bridge domain across all 4 sites. I have explored the possibility of using L2TP ...


Resolved! BGP values

I am studying about BGP and I looking for information about these values   SRTT: X ms, RTTO: X ms, RTV: X ms, KRTT: X ms   What they are used for? And what are their meaning?   Tks, Maverick0

maverick0 by Beginner
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Resolved! Point-to-Point links and adding static routes

Which two commands must be configured on the New York router so that it reaches the Lo1 interface of the Atlanta router via Washington when the link between New York and Atlanta goes down? I am a bit confused which static route i must use to solve t...

point to point.jpg
MikeNY85 by Beginner
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Resolved! Dynamic IPs on HSRP

i configure two routers R1- / R2- with virtual IP for HSRP.Now i would like to create a dhcp pool for dynamics IPs.what should i do:1/ip dhcp pool net1   network 255.255..0.0(i select each router and give the...

OCiscoNFL by Beginner
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