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Dear All I have two ISDN Routers and I could Ping from Router B ( Nating IP on Router A with ) the Router A from Router B. Theer is also Loopback. I only want to reach PC, which do not have the Default Gateway and...

Hi There,We're hitting about 95% memory utilization and it appears most of it is being consume by *Dead* processes (see below).Is there some way to recover the memory being used up by the *Dead* processes or will we have to reboot the router?RTR-01#s...

asaykao73 by Level 1
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Hello. I can not open the server behind the second router, they are connected by a vpn tunnel. NAT in the first local network works. But with the second local network does not work. Maybe I need to use NAT NVI? Below, see the attached network diagram...

Oleh_83 by Level 1
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Hi, I have a Cisco Router 877 connected by the ADSL interface to a Huawei MA5300 DSLAM on the adsl 0/0/1 interface. On the other and, I have a isc-dhcp-server connected to the DSLAM on ethernet 7/2/3. Both adsl 0/0/1 and ethernet 7/2/3 are part of th...

Hi,  can someone brief as of how to analyze the forward and reverse response from the "show ip cache flow" output.  example: int fa0/0     ------------------- lan interface ip add ip route-cache flow Thanks,  James.. 

Raja_D by Level 1
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Dear All,                  I have to WAN Link i.e 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps configured on my cisco router .                  But i want to use both link after some interval of time like 30 min. ISP 1 link is used and after 30 min ISP 2 Link will be used   ...

Hello! Can anybody help me to understand the difference between CPE configuration for MPLS vs VPLS? I work for an ISP and we use MPLS with VRFs for our customers. But this question is not related to MPLS and VRF implementation on the ISPs side, but o...

Hello everyone. I'm trying to get the routing correct on a cisco router that connects to a ubee cable modem. Basically, the cable modem has an internal ip of The cisco routers wan interface is, and it's vlan's gateway  is 1...

Ray by Level 1
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I have a hybrid of network equipment's running our network ranging from Cisco Nexus, Cisco routers, Cisco Switches, HP L2/L3 switches, Ubiquiti Edge Router, Vyattas/Vyos vRouters (hosted on ESXi), PFsense Firewall(hoested on ESXi) and Riverbed WAN op...