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Hi guys,  I have this output from sh license all command on my ASR 1001-X: Smart Licensing Status ====================== Smart Licensing is ENABLED License Conversion: Automatic Conversion Enabled: False Active: PID:ASR1001-X,SN:xxxxxx Status: Not ...

Has anyone had issues with sending syslog over tcp to a collector like SPLUNK? Currently, we changed one of our ISR 4451 (17.3.6) routers to send syslog to host over TCP. The issue is after a while it stops sending and i keep getting bugged that the ...

tcebak by Beginner
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HiRouter: 7301Having spent a day on Fiverr and forums it would appear that Cisco apparently doesn't support L2TP Client bindingCan someone tell me if that is true because I am faced now with possibly removing quite a lot of Cisco routers?I have an LN...

sabu123 by Beginner
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Resolved! VRF setup problem

Hello, I'm having quite some trouble setting up my VRFs and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what I'm doing wrong.  The network topology is as shown on the picture. I have to setup two VRFs using BGP - one for CE_Prague and CE_Warsaw, and...

Image 1.03.23 at 13.35.jpeg
elizabethf by Beginner
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Hi TeamPlease let me know the diffrence between RIB and FIB. when do we use these two.What are the tables CEF contains and when we use CEF.Thanks in advance,naveen

Hello, Our sysadmin has left our place and before htat decided to delete all data from his laptop and backupstorage.We have a cisco ISR 4331 and we don't have the admin password. We can acces pishically to it and plug a wire into the console port. Si...

Damoab by Beginner
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Hello Guys,Actually I have a router and I was allocated with a block of public ip address from the ISP.It's LAN interface have an internal IP address and it's connected to a firewall.In fact, I wanted I'm going to use a specific public IP from the ra...

hello, i have an issue, i can connect from PC to router using PPTP and ping address but nothing else, here is my topology, any help?


In a single area OSPF, suppose there are five routers A, B, C, D, E. Now if C and D are DR and BDR and router A is directly connected to only router B. How does router A decide that it has to form adjacency only with DR and BDR and not with other rou...

Sagar4 by Beginner
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