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Hi, I recently had an issue accessing a website (hosted on the internet), everything other site works ok. Investigating this with the hosting company, we discovered that trace from hosting company to my edge device shows repetition of the last hop ip...

Hello forum,   I hope someone can help me with my situation. Let me start by saying I am a total beginner when it comes to configuring Cisco Access Points / Routers. So please in advance pardon my ignorance for some of my entries.  So I am going to ...

Peter3434 by Level 1
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Hi I'd like to configure my cisco 881 to permit diablog between FastEthernet 1 and FastEthernet 2 I've configured my cisco  like this : (conf is join) FastEthernet 4 => public IP (INTERNET)  FastEthernet 1 => VLAN 2 > ip address 255....

Hello,we are currently testing a Cisco 3650-stack as l3-switch for small branch offices. It connects via OSPF (BFD enabled) to about 50 other branch offices - currently running 3845 integrated Services router through L2 provider network. Everthing - ...

Hi, I need help I am trying to configure QOS for my video conference I have three sites two of them are on normal Ethernet and one is on PPPOE the two sites on Ethernet are working fine but the one on PPPOE seems not to work thus degrading video .I h...

Hi The below is bgp configuration in Nexus7k. Do you think it is necessary to use address-family ipv4 unicast? The address-family ipv4 has three choices. The unicast is one of the three. unicast is considered as by default. I mean even if we do not u...

wfqk by Level 5
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Does A9K-MPA-20X1GE supports 100M (fastethernet) with SFP-GE-T? The Compatibility Matrix said: A9K-MPA-20X1GE is compatible with SFP-GE-T (10/100/1000), but I´m not sure if it works at 100M

Hi, i have 2 internet circuits primarily for Remote access VPN, S2S and internet traffic, in other hand 2 circuits for DMVPN traffic for remote locations to reach data center for accessing internal resources and web traffic, i want to setup RA and S...

Hi Usually when we configure mpls, we need to configure vrf, which is like below: R3(config)#ip vrf RED R3(config-vrf)#rd 100:3 R3(config-vrf)#route-target export 100:3 R3(config-vrf)#route-target import 100:1 But I found there is another way to crea...

wfqk by Level 5
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