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Download IOS for EOL ADSL routers

Hello,I have a few CISCO 837, 857 and 877 routers which I wanted to reuse them by first downloading the "latest" IOS.However, I was told that this is impossible as a) CISCO no longer sells them and b) all such service contracts have expired.Can someo...

BlueTongue by Beginner
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Resolved! Cannot login console due to loop (TACACS)

Configured a 2921 voice router. Put the TACACS config. Now I cannot log into the router because it cannot find the authentication server because I cannot no shut the port. It is just going through the authentication loop. It is not appearing to time ...

Resolved! Auto QoS

Guys,as I know Auto QoS is best fitted at pure Cisco environment and for VoIP. Can you please let me know what are the limitations of Auto QoS and what are deployment scenarios? Where we shall avoid deployment of Auto QoS?

sugatada9 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP failing with 3850

Hi all, we were assured by a consultant that instead of getting Cisco ASR router we can do BGP routing with 3850 (we only have 2 ISPs connected to our network) but now we have a problem where we can't reach some public IPs from our network when both ...

WAN Connectivity

Hello Guys. I have attached my network Setup. We have recenlty bought other ISP line in order to provide failover/load balnce traffic to my inside users and servers.Currenlty ISP1 is acting as a primary and serving all traffic. ISP2 is a NBN line whe...

DHCP Snooping

Hello again,i have some confusions with Dhcp snooping and it's mechanism how it works. let assume below this diagram, i have a dhcp server it connected to distribution switch and one client is directly connected to the switch.How the dhcp snooper wil...

feroz syed by Participant
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Resolved! BGP route filter

Hi,i am trying to filter the inbound routes from ISP , but ended up blocking all routes from ISP.please can anyone advise.. the topology is like below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

LACP or Link State Tracking over VPLS?

Hi all!I have 2 sites connected with VPLS.  Both sites are now having a 2nd VPLS circuit installed (with a different carrier) for redundancy/failover.  I've got a Catalyst 3750 at each end to work with. My question: what's the best way to configure t...

internet design

I have 2 sites connected via dark Fiber, I want to provide internet solution for each site , I have Edge router - transparent Firewall -  2x6500 to each site , I am thinking to run EBGP between the Edge routers to 6500 switche in each site ( over the...

Location based IP Address routing

We have a number of subsidiaries in other countries that connect over the corporate network to use the HQ business resources. Our only internet exit point is from our head office. The subsidiaries complain that web sites such as Google default to the...

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