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Downgrade 3750E 15.1 to 12.2(53)

Hi,I want to downgrade a switch 3750E (WS-C3750E-48TD) with IOS c3750e-universalk9-mz.150-1.SE2.bin to c3750e-ipbasek9-mz.122-53.SE.bin for this integration to the stack.The IOS was uncompressed and, after, block at the instalation :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@...

benefits of centralising internet connection

Hi allWe have a central HQ with multiple worldwide sitesWe are thinking of having all the internet traffic come back through the WAN and out of the HQ internet rather than each site have its own internet pipe.what are peoples general thoughts on this...

Policy based on svi

Hi Team,Need to do policy based routing on l3 switch for smtp traffic .Require config help.AS per diagram L3 switch is connected to ASA firewall and Router.on l3 switch there are many SVI and there is default route to asacurrently entire traffic is g...

Cradlepoint mobile vehicle network

Does Cisco have an equivilant to the Cradlepoint unit below?It's used as a mobile 3G/4G broadband router for mobile vehicle networks.Would an 880G be a vialbe alternatie?Cradlepoint COR IBR600LE

algoh by Cisco Employee
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Routing with Cisco 3560

Hi,I have the attached config. One correction on the diagram. What labelled as CISCO 2950 is actually a Firewall.Ping from the Cisco 3560 to all the servers was successful. However, ping from the NMS server to the servers are not. Ping from the NMS s...


Hi all,i have a crazy situation. i have a gateway router going to the internet....using public IP addresses on both interfaces. starting on monday, traffic would suddenly stop flowing from the inside of the network going out, though i can still ping ...

Resolved! Change OSPF Cost - One Interface

I am trying some things out in a lab environment for a DR suggestion. So I have the same network being advertised on both R1 and R3 but these are "technically" not the same as R1 is production and the R3 is DR. So these are not "really" redundant con...

Resolved! Block vs. no reply - range of external IP's

5505 - 9.02I would like to disallow a range of IP's from getting through my firewall and attempting to authenticate. I've got the basic command - access-list outside_in deny ip X.X.X.X anyBut does this command cause my ASA to respond ...

alceryes3 by Beginner
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Resolved! Router Crash 2801

Hello,My router crash by the below error, After checking the below doc it says that check show region command and see whether the address lies in the valid adsresses, how to know the address lies within the show region output given in the below outpu...

Multi subnet vlans

Hi,Have 3 subnets like /24, /24, /24 with 12 cisco 2960g switches and my dhcp server distribute this three subnets, now i want to talk with each other from different subnet. Please guide me how to achieve thi...

feroz syed by Participant
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2921 Data vs. Security license

Hello,I'm trying to order an 2921 router to serve as the edge router for a branch office. Multiple WAN connections will be terminated on this router, some VSAT, some MPLS-over-Fiber, others may vary. I want this router also to be able to withstand Do...

Quick QoS question

So, I've got an MPLS provider that is prioritizing traffic and limiting bandwith on a 100Mbit connection.  We've got to mark traffic using dscp designations and ACL's.  We have 4 buckets.  Real time (35%), Gold (25%), Silver (15%), and Default (remai...

Redistribution of eBGP routes into OSPF

Hi,We have a few Hub offices A and B running on MPLS (eBGP) with the provider and other branch offices C and D running on OSPF (IPSEC over Internet). A new MPLS site came up, E,  but it has not internet connection yet. I'm trying to make this site re...

starbearer by Beginner
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