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Where should do natting

Hi, I have Internet link from ISP , they have given /32 public IP subnet which is using between ISP and our perimeter router  and also they have given separate /29 public IP subnet for our internal purpose , Our perimeter Internet router is connecte...

Resolved! Routing VLAN over multiple routers

Hi there,I'm trying to get a vlan to share over two routers, but im stuck. I've read up on tons of stuff but nothing seems to fit in. I was wondering if someone could help me out.I've attached both the packet tracer and the topology jpeg. It is VLAN ...

benny6812 by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP timers | need help

Hi,Below is my HSRP configuration in distribution switch 1 and 2.distribution switch 1:!interface Vlan100 description Interface Vlan 100 ip address no ip proxy-arp standby 100 ip standby 100 timers 1 2 stan...

Simple problem with GRE tunnels

Hi everyoneI've encountered a very strange situation today. The problem is very simple: Two Cisco 2800 Series connected over a leased VPN. Simple GRE tunnels configured on both, everything running smoothly.Basic config on both routers:Router A:interf...

Iceberg83 by Beginner
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Resolved! Need help replacing a 2821

I am currently running a 2821 to terminate vpn links from all our branch offices over a WAN. I need to add a second interface in order to facilitate a move to a different WAN provider. seeing as the 2800 models are EOL I was looking for an upgrade. M...

Reaching Server over own WAN trough own LAN

Hi there,I want to know if it is possible to reach a server via own WAN ip address on dialer, using a internal LAN device.So lets say Y is wan and X is LAN. I am a client in X i want to reach Y on port 80, not internal but external. so i browse to Y:...

javdakker by Beginner
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layer 2 communication

Hi,We have a 3750 as core switch. It has following  vlans:- VLAN21 - , VLAN41 - , VLAN100 - , VLAN201- the servers in VLAN21 and VLAN41 are accessed by services and users from VLAN100 and ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Routing design in core

Hi Guys i have strange requirement  we have two DNS servers at our main site , Site A (we have two  datacentres) they are virtually one datacenter as far as LAN is  concerened as fibre is connected between the two core switches (at each  datacentre) ...

Resolved! Cannot Enable switch

HI, I was trying to upgrade IOS on my 3500XL series switch (24 port) Before doing this I connected my switch and deleted all the configs and flash. When I reconnect my switch this is the error message I am getting.switch: flash_initInitializing Flash...

Routing Issue with OSPF and BGP

Hello,i have a router which is connected to a PE router talking OSPF. On my router i have two vrf configured (red and blue). I receive from the PE router routing information for a network on the vrf red. i need this network also in the vr...

Resolved! EIGRP over NBMA Network

Hi everyone,Just for information, am preparing for the CCNP ROUTE Exam. I like to dig deeper on things thats not clear to me.Currently am reading on EIGRP over NBMA network (precisley frame-relay) and cannot understand the concept of "broadcast" stat...

riyaaz000 by Beginner
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BGP Traffic Tuning

Hi All, This is my first post, sorry if it is covered somewhere else but I could not get the answer that I am looking for. I am currently looking at BGP traffic tuning/engineering. I am looking to create route maps with different values for different...