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Resolved! Issue Getting IKEV1 Phase II Up

I am trying to configure an IKEv1 IPSEC tunnel on this ASR1001X. Phase I comes up no issue. However, none of the interesting traffic specified in the ACL being used for the encryption domain is being matched and therefor Phase 2 is never established....

Flexible Netflow on Interface Vlan to IOS XE

Hi everyone, I need to enable Flexible Netflow for interface Gi0/0/0.1510 (encapsulation dot1Q), my SolarWinds no picture data, because Netflow sumarizes routed traffic. When apply Flexible Netflow to interface Gi0/0/0.1510 with commands  "show flow ...

Resolved! some HTTP traffic gets droped over VPN

Hi, I m currently facing an interesting problem to say at least. We do have over 80 vpn tunnels site to site consisting of ASA 5515  as our concentrator ( range) and mostly 890 / 891 routers as endpoints ( or r...

Resolved! OSPF route vs eBGP route

  Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is bringing up a new circuit to the MPLS provider on the Gi0/1 interface of Router 1. The new circuit uses eBGP and learns the route to VLAN25 from the BGP path.What is the expected behavior for the traffic flow fo...

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lvvp by Beginner
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IPSec VPN Tunnel Breaks When OSPF is Applied

I am trying to configure OSPF for my remote sites to connect back to HQ. IPSec VPN tunnels are up and everything works fine until i apply OSPF at the HQ and the remote branches.The branches seem to come on for 2 minutes and off for 3 minutes and so f...

Resolved! Extended ACL and sub netted 192.168.248.*/29

Hey all, So I'm trying to work out the best way to add a destination network address and wildcard mask into an extended ACL. I have a and slicing it up to 192.168.248.*/29 networks. Basically want Source address to be able to reach a...

1800s sensor

I have just purchased some Cisco 1800 Senors and tested them in different locations and now we are looking to permanently install them. I having them installed right next to a data jack with the RJ45 between the two is bit of and eyesore. I tried loo...

b.angel by Beginner
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Resolved! Can't ping two points on Multi area Ospf

Doing a project for my job interview,one of my goals is to connect everything using different technologies,I did multi area OSPF here with a back bone and allR4 and R0 connect well to R2,R5,R6 and R6 connect to R4 and R0The problem is with R3 and R7T...