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Existing Configuration:router bgp 65457redistribute eigrp 1 route-map xxxxroute-map xxxx, deny, sequence 5Match clauses:   tag 65000 4809Set clauses:Policy routing matches: 0 packets, 0 bytesroute-map xxxx, permit, sequence 999Match clauses:Set claus...

Resolved! Proxy ARP

Do we need proxy arp in routers for source having routing intelligence to reach the destination.Consider a routing scenario where 3 routers are connected in a WAN.Node A connected to 1st router has the route to reach destination node B connected to t...

akaurbedi by Beginner
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Hello ,I am not very familiar with the NM-8A/S module. There is a requrement to terminate a 2 MB link on 1 port of this module on a 2620 router. According to my limited knowladge about this interface it doesn't support more than 128 kb/s . Please cla...

Hi All,I have got two L3 switches, Cat3550 and Cat3560X. Cat3550 is present at head office and Cat3560X at the branch office. Both connected by 10MB LES link and have VLAN74.Configs of Head Office switch is as below:HeadOffice1#sh run int fa0/20 (Con...

I wanted to do with my Cisco 2800, a password recovery. I have read the instructions and Cisco just came up at six.Complete these steps in order to recover your password:Shut down the router.Remove the compact flash that is at the back of the router....

Maddin B by Beginner
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Resolved! Data License

Hi,I am a new born here in Cisco World. I need to configure two links (active and failover) on router 2911. Do I need DATA LICENSE to configure this with static router and route-map?Any suggessions will be cordially welcomed.Thanks in advance.Azhar

Hi All,We need a CISCO router or switch with both wired and wireless connetions.Initially we have a router (ADSL) provided by the Broadband service provider with wireless and wired access but It's not enough now because the number of users are now in...

  Hi Guys,I have gone through so many documents of failover /redundancy scenario , but didnt got a convincing response. And trust me so many guys have posted these ques ??One of my client is taking Dual Links from differnet service provider  terminat...

Hi all,When considering ISP redundancy with BGP, we follow this document:; if we use different BGP routers for different ISPs, does it change anythin...

m.turunc by Beginner
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Hi TeamAfter a power outage lost my router configuration, was saved, reload the configuration, save, reboot and no problem.How to know if my router is properly, all my services run smoothly? Why it happens that configuration is lost?Are there any ben...

yesenia-m by Beginner
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Guys,  We are in process of ordering new Cisco Routers, i need intruction on what series of router we should order.We need the Router to have support of the following features  >- Policy Based Routing    - IP SLA                  And the Router will ...

I have a remote office with a 1.54mb circuit connected to our private MPLS network.  Our main office has a 20mb conneciton to said network.  I want to set a QoS policy for traffic from the remote office to our Avaya subnet within the main office.  Th...

0rsnaric by Beginner
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