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Hello!I have a question about Local Preference.As you can see at the picture below i have 2 routers connected via two fastethernet links. Both routers running BGP. R1 (AS 65100) and R2 (AS65000).R1 got a loopback interface with the IP address

Henrikp92 by Level 1
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hello iam working on setting up a 1911 router with a EHWIC-3G-HSPA+7.I have searched different guides for how to set this up. Config looks like this. chat-script hspa "" "AT!SCACT=1,1" TIMEOUT 60 "OK"!interface Loopback1 ip address 255.255...

Hi, I would like to know how to check if we support bgp MD5 password and how to do the config. I tried to enter the password given to me but it always encrypt as password 7. Also, how to do I check how many IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes we advisertised. Tha...

I'm new in Cisco. I want to allow all outgoing traffic and deny all untrusted incoming traffic using ACL (laptop represents untrusted network). I used OSPF routing protocol. What should I do in this scenario ? Thank you.

I installed m0n0wall in a virtualized environment, i have 10 PCs connected to a router ( which connect them to the internet through PPPoE, the problem is that this router does not have a QoS so what i want to do is the following :-let...

Hi,  I have a question on bgp-rip interaction. Your help is highly appreciated. I have following topology.|R1|------|R4|-----|R2|R1 and R2 are having route  learned by some other means(not from R4) which is out of this question.EBGP sess...

Hi,I have setup a VPN server on cisco 1841 and dialed through pc, it worked fine. But when I dial through another ISP it is not working. It can establish VPN but it can't pass traffic through VPN, what may be the problem. The configuration is same an...

Hello,I have split tunneling enabled on Cisco Router and using Cisco VPN client to connect PC to office as well as browse local Internet.However when I want to print to a local printer I cannot. I keep having to add static routes on the PC to allow...

mistryj by Level 1
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folks,I have a strange issue with 4500 E chassis loaded with SUP 7L-E which always remains in ORANGE LED status, also the uplink ports interface is down and the line protocol is down  but when i execute the command sh int gig1/5 it show me the media ...

HelloOccurred in my customer's device log.I do not know what the message below.Version 12.2(33)SRD4 , WS-SUP720-3BXL This is what is the problem?gle_fab)-> start_sync_to_active_state (c0_ok_active)-> c0_ok_to_active_state (c1_ok_active)-> ok_to_activ... by Level 1
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Hi,  "neighbor filter-list weight" command under bgp configuration is deprecated. If I want to assign certain weight to the routes received from a specific neighbor, how can I do that in the latest release?Thanks,Balajee

Hello,I've got a 7200 vxr that I'm trying to create a named extended access-list in.I got to conf tif I go into ip after that the only commands available for access-list are log-update, logging, and if I go back to the main config menu ...

I am not sure if this question belongs here or in the WAAS catagory as I am running the router with WAAS express. I am figuring here since it revolves around the status of the buffers on the router. I have a 2911 running WAAS Express connected to my ...

bberry by Level 1
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Hello All,I have two link on two edge routes from same ISP for Active/Standby. I am using the private AS and ISP provided IPs, now i got own Public IPs and AS number. I want to publish my IPs and migrate the AS number from private to Public.  But cur...