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How to get ESP encryption key?

Using show crypto ipsec sa we can get SPI, transform algorithms and etc, but it doesn't show ESP encryption keys.Is there is a way to get it?For instance, FortiGate has diagnose VPN tunnel list command which allows it.

Egor222 by Beginner
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Routing | Port access translation on a pool

Hi All, I am intending to do this in virtual environment and thinking if it is a limitation.Public pool of address > assign to my network101.10.10.1 on the peer ISP sideI created loopback interface on ISP side for the purpose ...

Resolved! 2X sg550 and 1X3750

Hi, I have this current setup, two sg550 switches connected to a 3750 which is in turn has an external connection to the internet.from the 3750, i can ping both sg550 and also over the internet.what i want to be able to do is ping fro...

Resolved! Configuring fa1/0 on a router - Basic!!

Am doing some beginner labwork and am stumped on something that has to be really simple.....hasnt it! I can configure ip addresses in router port f0/0 & 0/1 not a problem using the following series of commands   However when I try to do exactly the s...

JulianLeach2021_0-1618989969068.png JulianLeach2021_1-1618989969069.png JulianLeach2021_2-1618989969071.png JulianLeach2021_3-1618989969074.png

Resolved! Cisco 1921 fresh config

Hello,I am curious if there is a way to start a new config on Cisco 1921 router.  Is erasing the startup-config and reloading the only way todo this.  Thanks,Dave C


Hi,REGULAR EXPRESSION, a filtring tool based on ::Special characters, Characters classes, Sets, Groups, Flags.are all these ASPECTS availible in cisco iOS, iOS XE ?is there other unknown characters  like underscore "_" ?Best Regards!

Router recieving pings but not responding?

Hi all, I have an ASR901 that is showing as "Down" from my Solarwinds server. From my server, I can putty into the device but I cannot ping it. If I do a "debbug ip icmp" I can see the router showing this:ICMP: echo reply rcvd, src, dst 10....

K-Grev by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ASA 5506-X as modem

Hy Everyone! I got a router from my company and I have to configure it. I tried to set with default settings but it was unsuccessful. The WAN IP,  mask dns, gateway what I got it works when I connect to directly to the computer and I set on the adapt...

kokeny92 by Beginner
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Consulta sobre routers ISR4331

El escenario es establecer VPN Site to Site, basada en IPSec (aplicando Virtual Tunnel interface) utilizando un arreglo HSRP, adicionalmente se debe emplear la estrategia router on stick (es decir usar una interfaz del router para todas las acciones)...

rodrdanj by Beginner
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Resolved! Input overrun errors in 2901 router

Greetings. (Sorry for my english)A few days ago I purchased from eBay a used 2901 router.The router came with only two built-in connections (g0 / 0 g0 / 1) with no ehwic extensions.I connected the router to a home router that provides a 1gbps fiber c...

Merging two router config

Hi! I need to merge two seperate networks, with seperate public addresses, seperate address etc. (first network has 192.168.x.x/23 addresation and the second - 172.16.x.x/23 addresation).I have an idea to use simple "router" on a stick config. But I ...

Resolved! ibgp

Hello everyone,How do i overcome the ibgp rule not to advertise a BGP advertisement learnt from one iBGP neighbor to another iBGP neighbor?as in my topology i need router loopbacks advertised via ibgp.all routers have ospf enabled and conectivityall ...