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we are planning to migrate 3 E1 circuits from our 6506 (running CATOS) to a new 2811. I have configured the router but have some questions regarding how I should set up the fax. I have attached 2 config files, one for our existing 2811 (bne-vg-2811)....

thinakraj by Level 1
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We'd like to change the default OSPF timers from the default 10/40 to something more aggressive, like 1/4.All the routing devices are 3560's on a fiber ring, running 1 Gbps, so we figure it's safe to do so.Thoughts?Is there a global command to change...

huangedmc by Level 3
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Hi,Currently in our network for NAT access we deployed on the 3640 router which some times hang when some spurious traffic generated from LAN or WAN or CPU loadso we are planning to upgrade the NAT Routerfor new hardware we need following feature sup...

Resolved! Password recovery

I bought a 1841 Router on e-bay.Apparently, it has been configured with "no service password-recovery". The console shows: PASSWORD RECOVERY FUNCTIONALITY IS DISABLED, and it does not respond to Ctrl-Break during boot. AFAIK, this router does not hav...

Luisinus by Level 1
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Hallo,I need mark traffic from specific FE switch port on C1802 when in goes thrue Dialer there is done some Qos process.How can I do this on FE 8 if all ports are in BVI1?I tryed IP based marking that is not good in case of DHCP clinets off course.!...

locus2007 by Level 1
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Hi,I have a problem with our 2 branches accessing http port. Let's say Site B can't access the web server in Site A but Site A can access the web server in Site B. In site A we have Cisco 2811 Router and a Cisco 3560 Core Switch, on site B we have a ...

helios999 by Level 1
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Resolved! BPDU detection

Hello,I need to prove that BPDUs, are exchangeed between my two switches.Here is the situatuion:SWITCH 1 port 1 ------ PROVIDER1 NETWORK -------port 1 SWITCH 2SWITCH 1 port 2 ------ PROVIDER2 NETWORK -------port 2 SWITCH 2Problem is that I have a loo...

Hi,I need to interconnect two datacenters through a IP/MPLS network. I need to exchange the DB information between them and I see it's possible to use the EoMPLS technology for.The problem is due to the fact that I don't have the SPA module with SIP ...

gpangallo by Level 1
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Hi Friends,I am facing packet Loss problem with MGX to MGX connectivity. I have an IMA PNNI link between two MGX. I also have a UNI connection to two routers. the connection diagram is provided below.Router1 <-> MGX <-> MGX <-> Router2when i ping fro...

I have a CISCO 1841 router with a serial card connected to a diginet line and a ethernet connected to my switch all configured and working fine. My question is the following.I  have a Netgear ADSL device also connected to my switch which is used for ...

Hi,I have trouble setting up a cisco 2811 as a terminal server using HWIC16A card and an octal cable.The problem is that for some lines it works, and for some it does not even though they are setup the same.When I do show line this is the output:Rout...

kasper123 by Level 4
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