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Hello, I believe, I have problem with DHCP only in Cisco switch. Searching on net, mostly related to STP or PortFast, but this is not. Basically, I have a router connected to a switch who has VLAN1 and VLAN2.VLAN1 is in router subnet, VLA...

ToTT by Beginner
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Hi,  i need to help me for configuration because am now work as a technical network in my company. and this is my first task.  i have a cisco router and need to configure the Static IP with below details:  IP: 37.224.119.XX/31Getway: 37.224.119.XX/31...

AhmedQa by Beginner
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Can external bgp (AS100) exchange info with another external bgp (AS200) across is-is, ospf and so on. or only across directly connected?

EAleg by Beginner
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Hello every One of my client has asked a question regarding Ipsec license on Cisco 1905 router without smart licensing, they still are using classic/legacy method.So my client is not being able to upload the licence, he wanted to know if this router ...

Hi, Based on the BOM below, may i know what is the max. bandwidth that this router can cater?  Thank you...    ASR1001-HX=Cisco ASR1001-HX System,4x10GE+4x1GE,optional crypto+P/SCON-PSOP-ARX1001HPRTNR SUP OS 24X7X4 Cisco ASR1001-HX SysM-ASR1001HX-8GB...

lowhongni by Beginner
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hello, i am new to cisco physical hardware. I have an L3 switch, I want to do an interface vlan routing between two computers on the pcA (vlan10, Windows) and the pcB (vlan20, Ubuntu). Pinging from pcB (Ubuntu) to pcA (Win...

you57 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Hello, I am using the configuration below on several 8XX (881,887,891F,892...) CPEs, 3750 and 3750X switches without any problem.This configuration does not work on ASR1001,1002,1004 etc... object-group network Admin host A.A.A.A host B.B.B.B ! ip ...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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Dear Customer Service, I have this brand new Cisco Router RV340, but cannot connect to my TalkTalk router. I contacted them and I was told that they do not allow any router to be connected to their modem. My question is: Is there any list of ISPs tha...

Adam63023 by Beginner
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Hi AllAnyone knows , is it possible to log ppp ip assignment to syslog ? (without using debug command)I mean logging ip assignment over the ppp phases from local pool to users via logging levels (0-7) in BRAS(ASR Router) without using debug command ....

Adel3 by Beginner
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