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MP-BGP on Nexus9k

Hi We have a nexus 9k switch running bgp ipv4 unicast with the CE router. There are multiple vrfs between the nexus 9k and the CE. We have one bgp neighborship between the Nexus 9k and the CE (VRF-Lite). The nexus 9k have 2 firewalls connected. One f...

Resolved! Port security filter

Hello everyone, I make a premise I have already tried in the learning forum, only one user answered me and he also thinks that what is written in the book sounds strange. I have advanced some hypotheses but I still do not understand the reason that p...

Vlan QOS

I want to understand when do we apply qos over vlan vs on interface. And what advantage it brings to traffic flow? Would the policy below drop all traffic above 1gig? What purpose bc and be have in policies? Thanks policy-map type qos xyz      police...

Cannot reach LAN after P2P connection

Hi everyone,You'll have to forgive me.My configs worked on my first router on the first branch but on my second branch router, things are not going as planned.I can receive internet from my firewall at to my branch LAN on but I...

OSPF LSAs / flooding

Hi GentsIts been a while since I looked into the LSA process, can you remind me of the following? - On an ABR, if no summarization is done, does it flood all the type 1 LSA's from one area into another? and the way to supress the number of LSA's gett...

Policy Based Routing for Zerto

At our DR branch we have two ISPs running currently. I am trying to get all the Zerto traffic to go on one ISP and everything else to go to the other. I have attached the Packet Tracer picture to see the topology. I have never done PBR before but tal...