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Hi, pls. help me with this prob. I only want to access my server behind a NAT router, from my PC I can ping NAT router FE 0/1, however, I cannot ping FE 0/0 Kindly look at the attachment for the...

ATT T1 SINA (which WIC for 2620XM)

HI we are getting a T1 from ATT, they only choice they list on their application is a T1 SINA - i think this is a V.35 Seial cable (which is what we used in CCNA school) but i dont want to buy the wrong WIC card - does anyone know which one i can get...

ISDN-Backup for DSL Connection

I need to integrate a ISDN-backup Solution for an existing DSL Connection.The DSL-Conection is done by using a Dialer with IP address negotiated but I always get the same one (static). Now I want to backup the case if the DSL-Connection seems to work...

ms by Beginner
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Access Console via USB?

I recently received a laptop for onsite troubleshooting, which I'd mainly use to console into devices. Unfortunatly it has no Serial port but instead 8 USB ports. I purchased an adapter for USB to RS232/DB9 (

How can I switch between frame and ADSL upon failure

The customer has a ADSL as well as a frame relay line. Both lines are up/up, and are in this state permanently.The customer wants http traffic routed to the ADSL, and all else on the frame relay.If the ADSL goes down, they would like ALL traffic incl...

davidbec by Beginner
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HELP: Some simple netwrok Question

Hi allWould like to ask if there are 10 users on LAN A, there are also 10 users on LAN B. Both LANs are 10KM apart. Each user will send 100Kbps during off peak period and 200Kbps during peak period. Hence the total transmission load for a LAN is appr...

S7935108C by Beginner
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OSPF and Summarization

I have looked on CCO and in various Cisco books and I can't find a straight answer to this questionDoes an OSPF ABR summarize contiguous routes by default or is the "area range" command required

OSPF and network keyword

In which case when I configure the OSPF routing protocol, I have to use ip address or network address ?,,,,example, if the the ip address for serial interface for R1 is,,,when I configure OSPF I am going to do this :R1(config)#router O...

error in 1841 Router

Hi,I'm getting the following error in the 1841 Router. The error is "Dec 20 10:34:56.983: ASSERTION FAILED: file "../chips/gt96k/gt96k_timer.c", line 771". The Router is running following IOS .Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-ADVSECURITYK9-M...

raju by Beginner
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cisco 2811 username forgotten

I have a 2811 that I am using as an internet router. When initially configured, it did not set a username. I went to do some maintenance on the router this morning and it is now prompting me for a username. I have tried support, admin, cisco, sysa...

jwebber by Beginner
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ipsec in fully meshed

Hi I have 3 routers.-r1--framerelay1---r2--framer2---r3I set the ipsec tunell between r1 and r2.1. Can I use same IP tunnel r1 - r2 on framereley 1 for network r3 in way of setting r3 network in access list that i set for r1 -r2 tunnel.After this I w...

fisko by Beginner
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Password attempts

We have cisco 1751 router in which we have configured username & pssword but no login local command has been entered in line vty 0 4.When we try to login into router, everytime , it asks for username followed by password . We are able to enter into ...

amansoi_5 by Beginner
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