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Hello all,I am using cisco ASA 5515 with 9.2 image, I have to nat need to be implemented: first nat form inside interface to outside (For accessing internet from LAN), i am using PAT with outside interface ip (private ip given by service provider) th...

Eman.Bakri by Beginner
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Hello, In a practice lab I have two routers configured with OSPF directly connected. I have established an OSPF adjacency and advertised a default route from each router with the "default-information originate always" command. Each router will not...

Sometimes my C-3900 router behaves abnormally. I am showing my last 5 second sorted utilization of the router.It shows my highest utilization for a process id is .31 % for 5 seconds and 1 min it is 0.33% but why the cpu utilization is 91 % for 5 minu...

Hello, How to backup or copy license from router 2901 (ipbase, security ) before upgrading. Technology Package License Information for Module:'c2900'------------------------------------------------------------------------Technology Technology-package...

mmarie by Beginner
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I'm VERY much a beginner !  Is there some magic ip address to use for interface vlan ????  I want is to configure gigabitethernet0/1/0 as a port connected to an unmanaged switch for PC, printer, NAS, etc !  The addresses should be assigned by dhcp po...

lam32123 by Beginner
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Hello I know I should know this... I was wondering how this works. My 1921 GE 0/0 has a IP address from the Internet. The GE 0/1 is assigned with a DHCP Server vlan 1. My 2960 is connected to the GE 0/1 and have it set to be 192...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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HiCan anyone help me with an expanded community list regex question please?I couldn't get the below to work. It just picked up nothing, although, on online regex checkers it works:^(649[0-9][0-9]):(.{1,5})$I did manage to get the following working th...

I have an ISR4451 router (running version 16.8.1) with an SM-X-ES3D-48-P card in it, which is a card version of the C3560E switch (running version 15.2(3)E1).  Several of the hosts on the switch are serving NTP traffic, which are 60-100 byte UDP pack...

joelm by Beginner
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Greetings - I ordered 1GB Ethernet DIA for three different sites.  Each site was delivered with a fiber handoff, instead of an Ethernet handoff.  Now the carrier is wanting to charge extra for the media converter for each site.  Was I wrong to assume...

jini by Beginner
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I have a 2921 router which has suddenly started making a loud noise. I assume this is from the fans. The system LED light is also amber. Any ideas what might be causing this and ways to resolve?Thanks.

benojefua by Beginner
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