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RV042 in Load Balancing not working correctly

I have recently installed a Cisco RV042 Load Balancing Router. I have 2 different ISPs ADSL . One of which is faster than than the other even though both are supposed to provide 4mbs/ down.

Both are PPPoE and are giving different fixed external IP addresses.

The modems are configured in Bridge mode and the PPPoE login credentials are sent using the Router.

When I configured the Cisco for LB mode, there were problems with https websites which I understand is caused by IP change during the session.

However, I find that the speed to pretty well ALL websites was unreliable and generally slower under LB mode.

Users ( there are about 50  all with fixed IP ) gave me a hard time so I switched it over to Faildown mode.

The speed of surfing improved substantially.

But the problem now was with some https sites such as Hotmail and Facebook.

Gmail , for example worked fine. I could workaround the Hotmail login by manually changing the https to http and this worked.

So even though I was NOT using Load Bal mode, it seemed that https settings still were being affected.

In order to test, I made some settings in the Bandwidth management binding the primary and secondary https ports to just one PC.

Hotmail worked !

So, I went ahead and increased the binding to most of the IP subnet.

Then, the speed of other websites dropped substantially. I changed the binding back to just one machine and speed of websites was back to normal.

Since I am not using Load Bal mode, I don't really understand why this behaviour is occurring.

I am also at a loss to understand why the LB mode drags the perf down.

Perhaps my settings in the Upstream/Downstream are incorrect.

I have configured 512 / 4092 .

However , in the manual they say that the defaults of 512 kb/sec and 12 kb/sec. I took this to be a misprint.

Could this setting be really what I need ? Downstream of just 12kb/sec ???


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