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vrfs in datacenter

I am building a DC where we decided each service is routed in its own vrf, then in separate FW context.Some services however, needs to communicate together, and that works fine via FW.In order to offload traffic from FW, we decided to use vrf import,...

C22 M3 can't install vmware esxi

Hi,I have cisco c22 m3s v02 rackmount server ,i want to install VMware vSphere ESXI but esxi doesn't find disk to install.I tried many custom cisco iso still same problem.I have LSI mega raid and configuration is raid 1.I try to install win2012 r2 se...

MesutErkus by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 1000v trunk native vlan

Hello,could you help me with a problem - I have N1K, mgmt - vlan 1, cntrol/packet int - vlan 3, L2 modeI configured port-profile for uplink trunk and port-profile for vlan1.But VM connected via vlan 1 is unaccessible if trunk native vlan ...

B200 M2 - X5500 CPU ?

I got a few B200 M2 Blades that have no CPU/RAM, since these are EOL/EOS I am just going to get CPU/RAM from good ol' eBay.The product documentation states they are 5500 based, but all the CPU choices for the B200 M2 are X5600 based.Anyone running th...

Config-sync issue Nexus 5548P pair

Our customer have a 5548P pair with 3 dual-homed N2000 fex.The switch-profile looks to be out of sync between them. one has rev 47 and the other one 44.Doing show switch-profile status give the following result in the one with revision 47switch-profi...

sokarlsson by Beginner
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Resolved! Buy new server - suggestions needed

Hello,Where I work we need a need new  server. I am not really a expert in hardware so I hope you can give me a  little help choosing a fitting server, I will use a template with  answers to help you understand what's needed:1) What is the available ...