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Hello,we have a 2 server cluster and we need to establish a multicast comunication between the servers.The servers are located in 2 diferent DataCenters on Nexus5000 with NX-OS v 5.0 and there is a fiber connection between de Nexus.Servers are virtua...

skrowocsic by Level 1
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Hi out thereWe have two DC's with 10G interconnection in  between - these connections are run as L2 links - put into a set of  nexus 5000 (the old nx5020) - acting access-switches - and uplinked to a  set of nexus 7009 which act as L3 switch for us.W...

tiwang by Level 3
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Hi,I have deployed UCS director in my lab that is not yet connected to a domain.UCS director version is: have forgotten the password and hence can't log back in.Can some one help me on how to reset the password, whether using ssh...

With Vinayak SudameWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about Cisco Nexus 5000, 6000 and Fibre Channel over Ethernet with Cisco expert Vinayak Sudame. He can cover quest...

Recently deployed Nexus 7010 in the core of our network.DHCP Relay is configured on all SVIs, but certain hosts cannot PXE Boot or obtain DHCP leases.Various servers set the "broadcast flag" in the DHCP header when they send DHCP-Discover packets dur...

If ruining fabricpath in a leaf, spine (vpc+ l2/l3 boundary) and l3 core design is it possible to breakout on a classical ethernet dot1q trunk from the spine to temporarily pass the fabricpath vlans to another site (catalyst only)?

Hi guys,I have to connect 2 DC with dark fiber in vpc.First side there are 2 6k in vss, on the other side there 2 N7k in VPCi will make hsrp localization to have local routing on each DCit's ok for the hsrp hellos filtering configurationusually when ...

Hello Gents,I cought into weird situation after upgrade VMware ESXi 5.0 to 5.1 on UCS C200M2. Before upgrade I have had server with configured static adapter-fex VNICS and floating/dynamic vm-fex interfaces working perfectly in DirectPathIO mode for ...

how to configure EEM on Nexus 5K to monitor FEX? I would like to configure it so that we get email as soon as FEX goes down. 5K is running 6.x and it supports EEM as per config guide. BIOS:      version 3.6.0  loader:    version N/A  kickstart: versi...

gavin han by Level 1
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Ok. This is completely unrelated to server's HW stuff as it appears much before service-profile association with server itself. Specifically error arise when U finish to configure service profile. No extra-actions while configuring service-profile we...